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     In all my years of Martial Arts, Boxing, MMA and wrestling training, I never thought I'd be saying this:
There is a new staple piece of must have equipment. There I said it!
How good do you think your punches are? You want to improve them? Want fast hands, endurance and power?  Then The Perfect Pushup is just what you need. I dare you to go and buy them. At first they look just like something  with a big claims behind them. You might think that right now until you buy them and use them, and after you then incorporate them into your workouts, you then will be like me saying that this is most likely the best thing that has come around since the Heavy Bag in years!
     The first thing you will notice is how well they are made. These things are not some cheap Yugo product BUT a high end commercial gym product at a very affordable price. Next thing is how smooth they operate time after time. Next thing you will notice is how your Boxing improves. from your jabs to crosses to power shots, you will see improvements. Need new ideas on how to train with them? Go to Perfect Pushup's website and get new ones. If you want, Send me a e mail and I will give you ideas on how to use them Creatively to improve your MMA training.
Another reason to buy them:
      The Man behind them is a true hero.  How many of you can honestly say you can spend one day in SEAL training? How many can say you willing put your life on the line for Freedom?  Alden Mills, a seven year veteran of the Navy SEALs, LCMDR  SEAL Team TWO. Now add four more SEALS!  I think They know a thing or two about getting fit fast. They are also one of the reasons why we live in the greatest country in the world.  Drive on LCMDR, Drive on!
                                                   Check them out online!
Perfect PushUp
Read Commander Mills's blog, Charlie Mike.